Available for MacOS, Windows, Linux and Web (Firefox/Chrome advised). Web version may suffer from sound issues, we advise desktop for better performances. Controls are not adapted for smartphone and it propably won't run on iphones.

You have to help the biodiversity of the island to remain stable. Every species must stay alive.

(yes, herb too)

Place herbs, rabbits and wolfves on the island, and be strategic :

🌱 Herb multiply itself with some time

🐇 Rabbit must eat 3 herbs to multiply

🐺 Wolf must eat 5 rabbits to multiply



  • Left click to place an element
  • Right click/middle click to drag and drop the map
  • Wheel/arrows to zoom in/out



This is our 5th Ludum Dare as a team. Check our old games if you feel like it.

Sarah Germain : Art, Graphics

Félix Metzinger : Game Design, Programming, Sound Design

Guilin Braïda : Music


Linux (not tested) 14 MB
MacOS 47 MB
Windows 30 MB

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